Frequently Asked Questions

Customers’ Questions and Concerns are Important to MacLaughlin Pest Control. When you think of pest elimination, it’s a lot like taking care of your health. That old phrase, “An ounce of prevention…” really does hold true when it comes to keeping your home free of pests that can cause illness.

This is why so many of our customers use MacLaughlin Pest Control Quarterly Home Protection Plan. It is the most simple, affordable, convenient and effective way to practice preventive pest control.

“I have children around the house. Do I have to take any precautions?”

Naturally, we’d like you to keep your children out of the rooms and area where our Service Technician is working. And, if we apply any liquid sprays, you should keep them away from treated areas until dry.

“What about our dog and cat?”

The same precautions that apply to children should be taken for pets. However, if you have birds, tropical fish, or other exotic pets, let your Service Technician know in case other special precautions are necessary.

“Is pest control a problem for our plants?”

No. Our inspections and treatments will not harm plants. Plants, however, can be the source of pest problems. Especially when they are brought inside or have been imported from a warmer climate.

“What is IPM?”

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a decision-making process that anticipates and prevents pest activity and infestation by combining several strategies to achieve long-term solutions. Components of an IPM program may include education, proper waste management, structural repair, maintenance, biological and mechanical control techniques and pesticide application

“Do you have to treat every room?”

No, that is what IPM (Integrated Pest Management) is all about, and MacLaughlin Pest Control’s philosophy is one of care. Sometimes it makes sense to treat only the outside or to treat limited areas inside the home. It really depends on a variety of factors: what kind of pest, the type of structure and so on. Our licensed Service Technician will only treat when all safety requirements have been met.

“Do I need to be concerned about food stored in the kitchen?”

Not during regular service visits, we simply ask that you keep food covered and put away. However, special preparation may be needed if infestation from food-infesting insects occurs. Our trained staff will let you know in advance if this is necessary.

“Are there any odors to worry about?”

Not usually. Most of the material we use are odorless and have no noxious fumes. However, some do have a slight odor, similar to common household cleaners, and it dissipates quickly. If you are sensitive to odors, let us know and we can alter treatment.

“How often does MacLaughlin Pest Control visit with Quarterly Home Service?”

Four seasonally timed treatments are done, once every three months. This lets us keep ahead of the changes in your home’s environment and outdoor weather factors and helps prevent the pests that tend to accompany those changes.

“What if I see a bugs again?”

No problem. Just call out office and we’ll be right out. NO CHARGE, of course, for covered pests.

“What pests are covered under this plan?”

The most common pests that bother homeowners are covered. We have included a wide range of insects that MacLaughlin Pest Control has found from experience to be the most troublesome to our clients. It should be noted that wood destroying insects are not covered. See below for actual contract description or feel free to ask us.

“Will I have to do anything else?”

No. Just sign up for Quarterly Home Service and we will do the rest. We will notify you prior to each service by phone, keep all the records, and send the best trained Service Technicians in the industry. Of course there are lots of things you can do to help “pest proof” your home to insure maximum effectiveness, like cleaning up food spills right away and closing up places where pests can get in. Your MacLaughlin Pest Control Service Technician has plenty of other helpful tips that can help keep your home pest free. Just ask.

If additional treatment is necessary during you service period, MacLaughlin Pest Control will promptly render our service at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE to you for covered pests.

HOME PROTECTION PLAN This yearly program of four seasonal treatments to your home provides the most COMPREHENSIVE SERVICE available. The plan includes treatment for roaches, food infesting insects, silverfish, spiders, earwigs, centipedes, crickets, clover mites, ground beetles, bees, wasps (excludes carpenter and honey bees), mice, rats, and ants (excludes carpenter and pharaoh ants). This plan does not cover termites or other wood destroying insects, fleas, animals, birds, or any other pest not mentioned. The program provides timely preventative indoor and outdoor applications as well as FREE EMERGENCY SERVICE during normal business hours, when required. Yearly coverage is BILLED QUARTERLY, regardless of service date, or may be prepaid with a discount. If you are not home during SCHEDULED APPOINTMENTS, treatment and inspections will be made to the exterior, the major entry point for insects and rodents, and will be considered completed quarterly service FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE. If there is an existing pest problem it must be corrected before the plan can start.